Did you know that Bremer Jet Ski and Watercraft Rental, Inc. rents more than just boats and jet skis? Because we know that sometimes hanging out on a boat isn’t enough, we offer a wide array of water toys for rent to make your day on the water even more exciting! And because vacation is the perfect time to try something new, why not give water skiing a try? If this is your first time trying out water skiing, check out these three tips before you hit the water.

Water Skiing Tips for Beginners

1. Wear a Life Jacket

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, the law requires that you wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times while being towed behind a boat. Even strong swimmers have needed to be rescued or have drowned because they were overcome by water. And if this is your first time attempting water skiing, you may find yourself unexpectedly tired or unable to swim back to the boat after a fall. Do not take this risk; wearing a life jacket can save your life!

2. Standing Up

Possibly the toughest part of water skiing for beginners is trying to stand up for the first time. The first tug from the boat throws many people off balance, so try to maintain your posture during this stage in order to successfully stand up. Bend your knees so they are pressed against your chest and lean your body back. Then, as the boat gains speed, there will be less and less slack on the rope until you eventually are able to stand up. Don’t be discouraged if this takes you several tries, even several days, to accomplish.

3. Staying Up

Finally, after many tries, once you’re able to fully stand up on the water, you’ll need to learn how to stay up. Try to keep your skis shoulder-width apart and almost completely parallel to one another. As you glide across the water, try not to look down or off to the side. Your eyes and head should be focused on the boat as it pulls you. Finally, when you fall, make sure you let go of the rope right away to avoid being pulled by the boat and potentially being injured.

Vacations only come around once in a while, so we really want you to have a great time and try new things. At Bremer Jet Ski and Watercraft Rental, our water toy options are just some of the ways we can guarantee you’ll have a great time on the Minnesota lakes this year. Contact us today at (612) 298-7055 to find out more!