The Christmas season is upon us and if you have a boat enthusiast on your list, you may be wondering what gift to get them this year. While boating may sound like an expensive hobby, there are plenty of gifts for boat lovers that aren’t expensive or elaborate. From adorable and fashionable boating accessories to practical items for everyday boating use, you’re sure to find something suitable for the boater in your life. Our team at Bremer Jet Ski & Watercraft Rental, Inc. has put together a list of our four favorite boating gifts to give you a few ideas.

Gift Ideas for the Boat-Lover in Your Life

1. Motion Sickness Bands

This is the perfect gift for the friend who loves boating but gets seasick easily. Not only is it a functional gift that provides relief for motion sickness, it also shows that you support your friend and their hobbies. This makes it both a practical and meaningful gift.

2. Towable Inner Tube

A towable inner tube is fun to use and it’s easy to store when not in use, as you can deflate it and put in in a bag. For boat lovers who usually rent a boat, they’ll be able to take their own towable inner tube with them and sail away into the fun.

3. Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shades? Marine conditions are different than land conditions, so look for shades made specifically for use on the water to guarantee the best protection for the eyes and the best features for longevity.

4.Portable Cooler

And last, but not least, an all-time favorite of all boaters – a portable cooler. With a plethora of choices online or in-store, those boating accessories are an absolute must-have on long summer days. It doesn’t matter if it’s keeping your water, salad, or beer ice-cold, it will always have a place on every boat.

The boat lover in your life will appreciate any of these gifts this Christmas. If you’re looking for boat rentals, water toys, or gear, Bremer Jet Ski & Watercraft in Minnesota has you covered. Contact us today at (612) 298-7055.