If you’re looking for a leisurely day on the lake with your friends and family, a pontoon boat rental is your best option. You’ll love the calm, relaxing way a pontoon boat cruises the water and how even the most novice boater will feel comfortable behind the wheel. At Bremer Jet Ski & Watercraft Rental, Inc., we have everything you need to enjoy a day – or a week – out on a beautiful Minnesota lake. Read on to learn why a pontoon boat is the right rental for you.

Reasons to Rent a Pontoon Boat

1. Simple to Operate

Pontoon boats are as easy to drive as cars. We think you’ll find them quite simple to use with just a little common sense. You’ll need to remember to slow down before approaching docks and before pulling into the dock as well as raising the anchor. Don’t worry, you’ll pick it up in no time! We’ll go over the boat with you and make sure you are comfortable driving it. You’ll be able to drive your pontoon rental across the beautiful Minnesota waters.

2. Spacious

Another great benefit of a pontoon boat is how much room they have on board. Our pontoon rentals can seat up to 12 people! Invite your friends and family and everyone will have a comfortable place to sit as you cruise along. Pontoon boats also have amenities like cupholders and tables that make it easy to have a meal out on the water. Pack a picnic and spend the whole day on the lake!

3. Safe

Finally, we love pontoon boats for their safety features. With the high side rails and few “off limits” areas of the boat, families with little kids tend to be a lot more comfortable on a pontoon boat. They are also relatively safe to drive because they are big and heavy and doubtful to flip over in an accident.

When you rent a pontoon boat from Bremer Jet Ski & Watercraft Rental, Inc., you’ll not only have a fun way to spend a day on a Minnesota lake, but you can also be sure that it’ll be on time and in perfect condition. We want you to have a great trip, so we make the rental process convenient for you. In addition to pontoons, we have jet skis, ski boats, catamarans, and plenty of water toys to add to the fun. Contact us today at (612) 298-7055 for more information.