You don’t have to be jumping choppy waves or cutting up water to appreciate one of our enchanting lakes here in Minnesota. Whether it be with an intimate partner or treasured friend, you can create memories on these lakes regardless of your companion’s age or physical abilities. Did you know that Minnesota is home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world? Bremer Jet Ski & Watercraft Rental, Inc. provides quality pontoon boats and catamarans that will help you enjoy nature with your loved ones. Call (612) 298-7055 today to reserve your rental!

Minnesota is known for its myriad of bear, bison, and bobcats that roam the fields, but to truly get a glimpse of the wildlife, you must travel to a spot where all things congregate. Lakes have been known to attract all sorts of exotic creatures. Below is a list of animals you might see while cruising in a cozy catamaran.

Bald Eagle at Lake and boat rentals in minnesota

1. The Bald Eagle 

Though recently removed from the endangered species list, the bald eagle continues to be a rare sight. These creatures have been known to nest all throughout Minnesota and hunt around lakes and rivers. Since their rise in population, they have made Minnesota rank in the top three breeding populations in the United States.

2. Turtles 

There are currently 11 species of turtle found in Minnesota and of those species, the Blanding Turtle and Wood Turtle have been considered threatened species. If seen in the wild, these creatures should not be bothered as not to disturb their natural behaviors.

3. Sandy Stream Tiger Beetle

In 1996 the Sandy Stream Tiger Beetle was considered a special concern species in Minnesota. This tiny creature is usually found around stream banks and areas with fine sand. They have also been known to famously appear around the Minnesota River. 

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